Community Leadership

Why does Fiverr care about community?

Without an active community, we’d cease to exist. They are the lifeline and network that keeps us going. They educate us on the way the world works together - things that are working, things that are not, and how we can continue to improve. They make us better at what we do.

Fiverr is a place where people come to get more done, together. We don’t just think like entrepreneurs and freelancers - we are them. We facilitate connections between freelancers and anyone with an idea. We’re a homebase for creative solutions. We offer more than just tools; we create access to professional advice, educational opportunities, emotional support, understanding, acceptance, and even a sense of belonging.


Who is the Fiverr community?

Our community is made up of creatives, developers, programmers, marketers, storytellers, CEOs, VPs, associates, managers, and more. We connect motivated business people with needs to talented freelancers with solutions.

A community leader is the face of Fiverr in their city. They are assertive and action-oriented when it comes to making decisions. They think like you think. Sound like someone you know? Here’s what else were looking for:

Accountable: You’re excited about the event process from start to finish. You’re communicative with the Fiverr community team, and more importantly, your local Fiverr community members. We can count on you to be a reliable resource before, during, and after an event.

Personable: You make attendees feel welcome. Even before they walk in the door, they know you’re expecting them and excited to meet them. You make connections between attendees, so they feel plugged in and tied to our community.

Team Player: You could handle an event on your own, but you’d rather build a team of driven, passionate people to do it with you. You use your network to find people you trust, then delegate tasks to make everyone feel like a valued part of the event.


What’s the commitment for a Community Team Member?  

Time commitment varies based on your role on the team. Each community member will be expected to attend one community event in their city per month, while Connections and Training Leads will only be required to attend the event they plan. We predict the average time commitment will be between 5 to 10 hours per month.


What’s in it for you?


How can I be involved?  

Applications for our Leadership Teams will be live soon! Check out the ways you could contribute to your city's team: 


City Team Leader You love the big picture. With support from your local team, you oversee a monthly and yearly calendar of events for your city and making sure your team is successful in building a sustainable community.


Training Lead You love seeing people get inspired. You find speakers to ignite passion in current/potential Fiverr community members and you own the planning of events that will help people learn, network and connect.


Connections Lead You’re obsessed with continuous learning. You plan workshops and trainings, and you help the City Team Leader and Connections Lead find subject matter experts to teach your community new skills.


Event Design Lead You love the details. Making events look branded and beautiful is your forte. You display Fiverr swag, help with set up, and make sure the world sees your masterpiece through social media.


Recruitment Lead You love networking, and you use your connections to get people to events. You use creative tactics for outreach, and you’re committed to keeping track of who showed up.